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Find leads, contacts and list websites by the technologies they use

We have crawled the web to detect content management systems, ecommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more.

We have analysed millions of websites and detected thousands of technologies, and now you can create lists of websites based on the technologies they use.

More than 29,286,411 sites and counting

Who is this for ?


Startups can use Sitelist to see what technologies other sites are using, and to generate lists of potential customers based on the technologies they use.


If you are looking to target cold outreach to a specific segment of the market, and you need to get sites and leads for a specific segment, Sitelist allows you to generate lists of websites and potential leads for sites in your target market

Plugin Developers

Are you a plugin developer?

Sitelist can help you identify potential customers for your plugin by allowing you to create lists of sites using the platform you are developing for.

What do we offer?

Affordable pricing

Our prices are simple and affordable, simply based on how many records you want in the list you generate.

Website Lists

The lists you generate will contain the URL's to the sites we have detected for your selected technologies.

Internal Email Addresses

When found, our lists will contain any public email addresses for domain of the website.

Social Media links

Our lists also contains links to potential related social media accounts found when analyzing the websites.

How your CSV file would look

Url Language Domain Emails Potential Social Links
www.example.com en [email protected] http://instagram.com/#example,http://linkedin.com/thisisus
sitelist.co en [email protected] http://twitter.com/sitelistco
searchraptor.co en [email protected]